At Urban, we are all part of a big family working towards one common goal. To give you the best experience.


The soul of Urban Barbershop.

Dani is the owner and founder of the team that brings this place to life. With more than 10 years of experience, a unique style and overflowing passion, he has turned this barbershop into a reference point for those looking for more than a simple haircut.

In addition to being a barber, he is also a DJ. His passion for rhythms and sounds is reflected in the barbershop’s daily playlists, creating a vibrant and energetic environment that perfectly complements each customer’s experience.


Antonio is more than a barber; He is an artist of confidence and smile. After more than 7 years touring the most influential barbershops in Spain, he returns to his homeland.

With expert hands and a natural gift for connecting with people, Antonio has earned a reputation for his ability to bring a smile to every customer who passes by his chair.

In his spare time he immerses himself in the world of jewelry, where he creates unique pieces that reflect his creativity.


A talented barber with more than 6 years of experience and passionate about excellence.

Recognized for his ambition and youth, he has stood out in several national barbering championships, demonstrating his skill and dedication to the craft with an excellent score.

Outside the barbershop, Carrasco finds his escape on two wheels. His great passion is motorcycles and speed.

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